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    With all new technology and the High Quality vidéo.
    Most of user can have now, the dreams and oportunity to have TV + Beamer inside living room.
    What i propose is to support Different profile for Vidéo setting / Plugins setting.

    What i mean :
    your system have TV ( for Tv show / news / Vidéo children ... / Movie) and Beamer (Movie / Picture in family)
    TV and Beamer can't have difference setting ( 3D / Refresh Rate / Resolution "4K - Full HD" )

    Now, MP Configuration can handle Dynamic Refresh Rate for one device.
    The Resolution can't be set inside MP for each Device. ( depend on Amplifier support or if you use 2 HDMI output from GPU card)

    I thin for an option for support profile for 2 or more output device.
    this can affect :
    ( this can be set for
    Auto3d : beamer manufacturer can be different than TV
    Atmolight : 2 board ( TV and Beamer )

    i hope, everybody undertand my proposal . :whistle:

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