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June 29, 2008
Hey everyone,

I am looking for a program whit which I can test my 5.1 speaker setup.
I had some pc's where my audio driver had somekind of this in it. But with this gigabyte ga-ma78gm mobo it does not have this functionality. I also bought a new AV-receiver with all the DTS-HD and TRUE HD audio support, so I want to know if all of this is working correct.




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    when installing drivers didnt it install a more advance sound manager?? if the motherboard has 5.1 i am pretty sure it will come with drivers/software to set it up.

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    If windows itself installs drivers, then it will not install the sound management software, you should be able to get this either from the motherboard cd, or if updated, from the motherboard manufacturers website.

    Would give you a link, but there seems to be lots of versions of that mobo.

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