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January 14, 2013
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I've searched the forum and there are already a couple of threads about this but non gives the definitive answer I am looking for.

Windows Server 2012e x64 (Intel C2D with 8Gb RAM) with DBA patch installed.
Installed Digitaldevices Duoflex S2 + Octopus Twin CI (latest x64 drivers)
I confirmed that both tuners are working with DD L4M utility.
Installed TV server 1.3.0b and everything works with an Aston CAM r2.22 in CI1 decoding Dutch Canal Digitaal channels (also recording and watching 2 different channels).
So far so good.
Now I have added an Alphacrypt CAM r3.25 in CI2 for Austrian ORF channels (not HD+). And assigned both CAMs to both tuners in DVBCineConfig.
And now nothing works anymore. I can't watch the Dutch channels and I can't watch the Austrian channels.
I tried al the tricks and settings I could find on this forum and on the DD website but I can't get MTD to work with MP.
If I assign one CAM to Tuner 1 and the other to Tuner 2, then it works. But then I can't watch and record at the same time form the same provider.

So my question is. Does anyone have MTD working with MP??

Thank you


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