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January 19, 2006
I quickly skimmed over the How to write a plugin for Media Portal tutorial. I noticed it uses C# as the language.

I'm wondering, how close is C to C#? I know C and might start learning C# so I can develop some plugins. The problem is I'm in school at the moment so if C# is totally unlike C then I'd have to wait until summer to find the time to learn C#.

So depending on how close C is to C# I could possibly start my move into plugin development sooner than later.

Any information is appreciated, thank-you.


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October 21, 2005
C# is quite different a beast than C, since the former is an object-oriented language. Therefore learning C# (pronounced as 'c-bang' or 'c-whatever') requires understanding the OO model as well as learning the tricks and ways of C# itself.

Old-school C can be used to program in the object-oriented way (almost any language can), but it often is cubersome. If you have elementary knowledge of Java or some other OO language, C# is quite simple to learn. The more tedious task is learning all the .NET API.

There are lots of tutorials available on C#. Take a look on, say, this one:

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