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April 28, 2005
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The case does have air holes right above the spot where the CPU cooler is located (for fresh air intake) (see http://www.ahanix.com/images/Upload/Gallery/27_l_200561620627110966234.jpg)

So you think that 'breathing room' is still needed then?

And yeah, it's a small (low-profile) case.

Hmmm, the silent 939 is 73.2 mm high, right (just saw that on the picture)? Since it also says that the heatsink is 39mm high and the fan is 20mm high... (which would add to 59mm) How much height would there normally be below a CPU-cooler? (so motherboard+processor?) Then i could have an idea which fan's would fit in this case...

I saw on some forums that Zalman 7000b would fit in this case (and on zalman site it says that it has 62mm height, so that fits)... Maybe i should take that then and solve mainboard compatibility problems ;-)
what is it about the Zalman that is incompatible with your motherboard?

I just put one in my system if you need any measurements or anything (the AlCu version, not the all copper)

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