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Here is my first shot at a plugin. It will stream your playlist using SHOUTcast protocol (ICY). I wanted to make this plugin so that I could listen to music in different rooms at the same time.

1. What it does

- streams your music playlist to winamp
- *probably* streams to anything else that knows SHOUTcast, but I haven't tested it
- use the following as your ".pls" file (replace the IP below with the IP of your MediaPortal machine)


2. What it doesn't do / doesn't work (yet)

- has trouble syncing the stream to the playlist. Anyone know an easy way to jump to a position in an mp3 based on time (eg, jump to 30 seconds in)?
- configuration screen doesn't work
- doesn't do title streaming
- it doesn't register with SHOUTcast server network (I don't think Nullsoft let you do that, but it's only for use around your own house anyway, so doesn't matter)
- changing playlists in the middle of it playing doesn't always work
- probably lots of errors...

Here is the link:

To install, drop the plugin into your "C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\plugins\process" folder. To listen, start MediaPortal playing your music then connect using the .pls file described above (changing the IP address of course!).


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