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    there is the possibility to integrate?
    - Navigation help where I am.
    - Navigate through multiple levels of folders before I come on directly linked list button. , , and would like to get shown where I am ;)
    similar to mySeries or movpic or mvcentral (hirarchie).
    e.g. - seriestitel/sessiontitel/episodentitel :) ect. <- now find myself in episode view and see this navigation specification

    hope of course, my English is very poor :cry:


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    could respond to someone here?
    Is there an overview or link current file tags ? for skin designer. ;)
    Here are some of the skin properties:
            protected void ClearProps()
                Settings.NowPlaying = new RadioTimeNowPlaying();
                Settings.NowPlayingStation = new RadioTimeStation();
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Play.Station", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Play.StationLogo", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Play.Duration", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Play.Description", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Play.Location", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Play.Slogan", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Play.Language", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Play.Format", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Play.Image", " ");
            protected void ClearPlayProps()
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#Play.Current.Thumb", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#Play.Current.Artist", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#Play.Current.Title", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#Play.Current.Track", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#Play.Current.Album", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#Play.Current.Year", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#Play.Current.Rating", "0");
            public void UpdateSelectedLabels(RadioTimeOutline radioItem)
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Selected.NowPlaying", radioItem.CurrentTrack);
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Selected.Subtext", radioItem.Subtext);
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Selected.Logo", " ");
                GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Selected.Logo", DownloadStationLogo(radioItem));
                if (_setting.FormatNames.ContainsKey(radioItem.Formats))
                    GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Selected.Format", _setting.FormatNames[radioItem.Formats]);
                    GUIPropertyManager.SetProperty("#RadioTime.Selected.Format", " ");
    For the rest look here:


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    Sound Quality SUCKS!
    Sound quality is derived from:
    1. stream quality
    2. audio hardware/software
    3. listener

    Which one is it:
    1. You can start by checking the sound quality of the same channels you hear through MP is better via a browser:
    2. If the quality is the same, check on another PC.
    3. If you think the quality sucks of another PC, ask for a second opinion. Maybe it's you. :whistle:

    You might want to upgrade to a new MP with a newer plugin. This thread is outdated.
    I think this is the current thread:


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    1. You can start by checking the sound quality of the same channels you hear through MP is better via a browser:
    2. If the quality is the same, check on another PC.
    3. If you think the quality sucks of another PC, ask for a second opinion. Maybe it's you. :whistle:
    I have an older lifestyle Bose system, with a decent sound card in the PC.
    I have been listening to mp3's since 1998, a lot of the stations sounds of a lower quality as if (AM) radio.
    Some stations do sound better than others. When I using Pandora plugin it like taking the pillows off the speakers, much richer sound. So streaming or hardware doesn't seem to be the problem.
    I have tried on a PC that has a Harman /Kardon system on it and not much difference.

    Of course opinions are like A**holes, most everybody's got one. ;) Don't mean any trouble.


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    I have tried on a PC that has a Harman /Kardon system on it and not much difference.
    Plug-in music did not come up with. It just shows the links that are located on site But the information itself and the music provide radio stations, if the quality of the music is bad, then is to blame your radio station.
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