Raid and split drives with partitions, doable? (1 Viewer)

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  • March 1, 2008
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    I've got a tv and file server that I bought a new disk for today. I've been thinking of trying raid for the first time to make sure that my photos, docs and old mp3 collection are safe in case of a hdd failure.

    Current disks are: 2x1tb wd green, 1x2tb wd green and 1x3tb wd red.

    I have ~200gb (and growing) of data that I don't want to lose and been thinking of putting the 2 1tbs in raid. Is it possible to partition these disks, each in 2 with 0,5tb... and using one partion on each as security raid (500gb), leaving the remaining 0,5tb on each disk as normal storage? (phhew, hope that makes sense).

    Suggestions are welcome.
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