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April 9, 2013
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Hi guys,

A slightly unusual problem from deepest darkest Indonesia - any thoughts welcome.

I have a shiny new HTPC which is brilliant and which I built (in part) to replace my old Pioneer HDD DVR. I am running MP 1.3 (I also have WMC and XBMC on my Win 7 box, but MP is clearly the winner in my mind, and unless forced, I will be sticking with it).

Here in Indonesia, free-to-air TV is not really my cup of tea, but we have an Indovision satellite with a STB attached. Unfortunately, it only has composite outputs (yellow video and left and right audio). I have a composite to HDMI upscaler, so I get a reasonable HDMI signal (no HD here). So instead of getting a TV tuner card, I got an Avermedia C127 capture card and plugged in the HDMI from in Indovision box. Voila! Indovision into my HTPC and onto my TV via Avermedia's software - wonderful! (Of course I still change channels on the Indovision box, and there is no EPG, but small victories).

But it seems that MP doesn't support capture cards (except a couple of Hauppage items like the Collossus - wish I'd known that before). So no matter what, MP just doesn't see the Avermedia card at all.

Ok, so I need a tuner card - no problem. But I won't be actually tuning any TV with it - I just need one that MP recognises and that has an HDMI input that I can plug the Indovision box into. I know it will mean using the Indovision box to change channel at the appropriate time AND scheduling MP to record at the same time, but I can live with that (it's how it was with the Pioneer anyway).

PCI-e Tuners with HDMI inputs seem pretty scarce, so I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on a card that might fit the bill.

Thanks a bunch.

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    Hello Mike

    You're right that only the Hauppauge HD-PVR and Colossus are supported as "pure" capture devices.
    I have never heard of a tuner with an HDMI input, so I suspect you'll be out of luck on that front.

    Do you know if your AVerMedia card has hardware for encoding the video, or does it rely on the AVerMedia software being installed?
    How much CPU (%) is used when the card is capturing?


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