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January 11, 2005
are there any plans for implementing a "priority handling" of scheduled recordings?
Right now I have scheduled a lot of "must see" recordings.
When I browse through the EPG Guide I very often schedule some mopre recordings where I'm not absolutely interested in.
I only want to record this low prioority items if the don't collide with the must see recordings.

Another topic.
When I schedule a series, I press: "record all episodes on this channel".
Hereby very often I got 2 copies of the same series. One at prime time and the repetition in the night.
I think the series are EPG coded via a specific series ID + a episode ID.
Is it possible to process these two IDs and thus get only one copy of the specific series.

Last topic:
Is it possible to concatenate the 2 issues I asked for.
This would result in some sort of "smart priority recording"
If there is a crossing of two scheduled recordings at prime time. Record one at night, eg.

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December 13, 2004
You are so damn right !!

That is something really missing until now.

I think the problem ist that MP ist able to work with more than only one card and that´s the reasen why it´s possible to schedule 2 programms if also they have the same starttime.

I confrim your request in every single letter.

Let´s hope there will be a solution soon.

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