Reflexion skin (Alpha release screenshots 24.02.2012)


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    It's time to show some preview images of the new "Reflexion" skin, which is currently work in progress. It's designed to use "Full HD" resolution.
    The credits for all the nice graphics go to furnibird :D, XAML screens are coded / changed by me.

    There is still a lot to do, but I already want to share the current progress...

    What has been done:
    • Home screen layout
    • Button style changes
    • Dialog style changes
    • Media library view modes (lists+grid)
    • Navigation bar
    • Dialog close button
    • OSDs
    • Fix scrolling in homescreen
    • New player control bar on bottom
    What is left to do:
    1. Implement more effects
    2. ... and maybe a lot of other ideas :)

    001_home_music.jpg 002_pic_library.jpg 003_pic_library_grid.jpg 004_switch_view.jpg 005_small_list.jpg 006_medium_list.jpg 007_big_list.jpg 008_home_playing_slideshow.jpg 009_home_playing_slideshow.jpg 010_start_video_pip.jpg 011_picture_video.jpg 012_video_picture.jpg 013_switch_audio_between_players.jpg 014_switch_audio_between_players.jpg 015_video_effects.jpg 016_home_browse.jpg 017_home_music.jpg 018_home_videos.jpg 019_home_pictures.jpg 020_home_tv.jpg 021_TVOSD_simple.jpg 022_TVOSD_detail_current.jpg 023_TVOSD_detail_next.jpg 024_videoosd_dvd.jpg 025_green_theme.jpg 026_green_home.jpg 027_green_medialib.jpg 028_green_media_biglist.jpg 029_green_dialog.png 30_new_buttons.jpg 31_new_buttons.jpg 32_slimtv.jpg 33_tvguide_(WiP).jpg 34_navbar_top.jpg 35_navbar_top_2.jpg 36_navbar_top_pip.jpg 37_browse_audio.jpg 38_current_audio.jpg 39_player_controls.jpg 40_home_screen_bars_playing_PiP.jpg 41_home_screen_bars.jpg 42_PiP_style.jpg 43_SingleGuide.jpg 44_TV_MultiGuide.jpg 45_weather.jpg 46_home_new_bottombar.jpg 47_select_audio.jpg 48_playing_audio_playercontrols.jpg 49_audio_viz.jpg 50_hover_playerconfig.jpg
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