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Discussion in 'Improvement Suggestions' started by Anonymous, July 29, 2004.

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    just noticed the shortcut in the start menu. Didn't notice it there before. Works like a charm! That's 1 step closer to a good touchscreen interface!

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    Do YOU define what is needed for me? That is very interesting. Tell me more about my needs.

    It looks ok, but it doesn't do because it uses DirectX. That is all I said. I don't need funny themes and stuff like this.

    Ah, mediaportal is kind of a action game? Ok, then I was wrong about the idea of this product.
    P.S. I don't play UT at all.

    I do! It is a nice program, but it doesn't work for me. Thats all I said.
    Why could you just say: "We don't want to support this"? That was all I wanted.
  4. Frodo
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    Usul, what wrong with you ?

    I dont like your tone & attitude at all and i dont see what we have done
    to deserve this.
    As far as i see the posts:
    -you asked a question about why Remote Desktop is not supported
    -we gave you an answer (cause MP is a directx application)
    -we also gave you an alternative (VNC)

    All you do is provoking and offending the people who are trying to help you.

    If you think MP is not working for you, then thats fine.
    Just find another HTPC app which fills in your needs and makes you happy

    However the least thing you can do is to be polite to the people trying
    to help you here! If you cannot do that, then i'll have to ask you to leave this forum.

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    Can i use dameware to get around this problem.
    I get a directx message "Please install directx 9.0c"when i try to open MP

  6. Anonymous

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    Let us shift the focus to something interesting instead. Since I am also a user of XP Media Center (it is temporary and my mind is set for MP... I just need to get it to look the way I want first ;) ... j/k ). One thing that I am almost sure about is that MCE uses directX?!?! It has all the nice effects that is displayed on screen and... well... tell me if I am wrong or not...

    NOW to the interesting part, when using remote desktop you can start the application but every effect is turned off.

    With this said I am sure most ppl in here would agree that there are more important things that needs to be done first.

    And just to close things off, since this is open source you have to options. The first is to contribute to make it better and the second is to not use it. It is amazing that some ppl that hide behind internet believe they can be jerks. With that said he will probably come crawling back since this is a young product that will soon rule the scene of HTPC ;)... but then he will probably use another nick and be nice ;)

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