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  • April 22, 2004

    We have got a new kitchen 3 month ago. With the new kitchen we also implemented a (hidden) kitchen PC and an 15" LCD-TV.

    We enjoy cooking on weekends together, getting the recipes on the LCD from the german site 123.579 Rezepte / Kochrezepte bei CHEFKOCH.DE (in normal browser) and listen to some good music via Mediaportal while cooking.
    Now, we have one of those digital timers, where you can set the alarms, but this is one of the technical devices, neither my wife nor I can operate with ease ;)
    So all I would need in order to make evrything perfect and get superb al-dente pasta is an easy to set-up short-time countdown timer in MP!


    # easy to set up with mouse/remote short-time countdown timer.
    # maybe make it 2 timers (mult-timer)
    # set sound, mp3 whatever like my alarm
    # make a new, single-purpose plugin or extend my alarm
    # make a nice countdown skin-page

    # if possible, show the countdown as overlay in front of other screens like music

    I can help with design concepts, ideas, tests but I can' program or skin.

    Is anyone interested to help on such a plugin?
    Are there other users interested in this kind of plugin?


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