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  • February 6, 2006
    im not sure if this post should be placed here or in plugins-dev. but since im not that kind of a coder this is more like a request.

    i understand that there are a lot of different plugins present or in developement that are in same case related to webparsing resp. aqueiring information from the internet.

    so i qestioned myself if it is not possible to write an universal webparses plugin wich contains a platform for displaying parsed information in MP. the information that is to be parsed could be determined by XML or similar files. everyone should be able to build such an config file for his purposes so that there would be a list of config files for every possible case.

    (future)plugins like wikipedia, google, cinema, tv, busses, trains, pizza-menu-cards, ... whatever would be combined to one, determined by the user.

    i think this would be a great plugin.

    i'm aware of the danger - this could be a very stupid request since i really have NO clue if this is really possible to code, or if the parameters for the parser could be read from an external file, or even be creaed by everyone.

    just curious (-; ....

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