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Is it possible to add Kernel streaming code to the music output?

As a high end music listener with external DAC would this be greatful!!

I know i can use Foobar, but i like musicplay within MP




With Kernel Streaming the windows volumecontrol etc. will be bypassed.

With Kernel streaming the audio PCM data (from Harddisk) will be directly send to the soundcard driver.

So if you make a secure cd-rip with, for example Exact Audio Copy, and plays it through Kernel Streaming to SPDIF, you get a 100% exact bit copy to your processor or DAC.

Foobar has a experimental plugin for Kernal Streaming.
With my audiophile 24-96 audiocard this is working perfectly.

This is serious stuff for high-end listeners who want to use there pc (harddisk) as a high-end cdplayer.

Do this make some things clear?

MP Programmers: Isn´t it possible to use the foobar .DLL directly in MP?

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