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I want a My Webcam plugin!

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I am requesting for a plugin called my webcam.

I really think it would be an asset if I could just configure a webcam to show in fullscreen in mediaportal.

I have installed a webcam in my childs room (2,5 years) so I can see when he is asleep or when he puts on the light.

I managed to put a webcam viewing program in the My Programs plugin.

The my programs plugin works, but when I am sitting on my couch and look at the childs room I have to run back to the attic to close the webcam prog as I don't know how to close it using my mce 2005 remote.

My PC is in the attic and I am using my TV downstairs with a wireless videosending device with infrared extender to control the remote, so no mouse can be used downstairs. The back button does not close the app.

Please either help to close the app with the remote or please make a plugin! If you would find the time that is........

Greetings C. Ubels! (Chris)


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  • August 25, 2004
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    You can easily accomplish this by using videolan setting it up to stream your webcam. Then in MyRadio add a stream bpointing to your videolan "server", and bam, there's your childs room.

    I've done thin in the past and it works perfect.



    No, I didn't see your post, but it is good to see that others have the same ideas! :lol:


    I don't have experience with videolan so I can't do that (yet)

    But thanks anyway!


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  • May 13, 2004
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    I think that with some webcams it is possible to add it as a capture card. That way you should be able to see the webcam video in MyTV. So just give it a try.

    So open the configuration program, goto TV>Capture cards. Then press "Add capturecard" and see if your webcam is listed there.

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