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July 21, 2005
Have been using Mediaportal for 6 month's now and it's superb !

I think that there will be more and more users that use mediaportal in window mode as they get their hands on bigger hdtv's and projectors
, and when u have a big screen u often use mp to watch tv, while having mirc, web browser, winamp, office active at the same time.
So after some month's use in window mode i feel that some things would be nice to have:

- Keep aspect Ratio (when scaling window for 16:9 and 4:3)

- Internal Mute (beeing able to mute mp, without muting master volume in windows. Often one wants to listen to music while wathing fotball and so)

- Hide Menu bar (Hide all top menus like : view -> Presets -> Minimal , in media Player Classic)

- Diable Keyboard Shortcuts (it is very easy to forget that mp is in focus when using it in window mode, so when u write something suddenly vierd things happen)

Maybe other window mode users have other requests to add, or dont agree with my requests. So please add your thought about this (and please excuse my bad english spelling) :)


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