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January 10, 2005
I'm running on a TV via VGA->SCART using powerstrip @ 1024 x 600.
I've set up the overscan options in MP to shrink -12 top and bottom,
so that the final screen is 1024 x 576.

This is good for PAL/DVD I think.

Now I'd like the UI to run within a slightly smaller window again as there is still too much overscan for some UI elements.

There is a setup-ui calib screen that allows for horizontal and vertical offset adjustment of the UI. Is it possible to extend this to also include horizontal and vertical scaling ?

This then would affect *only the UI* - NOT fullscreen.


I'll add my vote for this feature as well! :p

I want my video to display full-resolution (768x576), while the UI elements should be overscan-compensated...

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