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Discussion in 'Improvement Suggestions' started by Matt Adlard, June 16, 2015.

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    One would request if anyone can port this over to the Asustor nas system.

    The current media systems are Kodi a bunch of paid ones and a couple of small scale media servers, but they really are not so friendly and customisable. Kodi keeps stuttering and finding MP and dropping it on PC would love to see it ported across.

    The Asustor nas requires a .Apk package and one will admit not being fully aware of the requirements of how difficult it would be to port, but with open source Kodi being done so quickly, one did feel it might not be massively difficult for some one to do, and it would help with those of us that need a powerful Media server/player. Ad even better that it is open source.
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  3. Lehmden
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    APK is the Android Apps package format, so Asustor (never heard of that before) seems to be some kind of Android derivate. That's the reason why Kodi could be there that fast. An Android version of Kodi already exists.
    But for MediaPortal this nearly is impossible to achieve, as MediaPortal relays on some technologies not available on Android or Linux in general. Porting MP to Android or Linux means to rewrite the whole program from scratch.

    The only thing you can try is to install aMPdroid on your system. Maybe this Android package is working there too...
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