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December 6, 2004
The Netherlands
I'm working on the info OSD which shows when changing channels, but for it's functionallity I would like to resize a textobject and a scrolling text object in design time... Is this possible?
And if yes, how??

Thing is... When my hack of the real OSD shows, It hides the play, rew, ff buttons etc and with that newly aquired space, I would like to show the event description in a bigger text box... But to do this, I need to resize this.
Is this possible??

Now I resized it in the xml file of the skin, but when seeing the real OSD it overlaps the buttons...

Below are screenshots to show what I mean..
This below is the screenshot with my hacked INFO OSD: You can see that I extended the event description and moved it a bit to the left...

But now I have a problem when I show the REAL osd menu:

How can I best solve this? Make a new object element in the xml skin file?

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