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August 30, 2004
As mentioned by Azman in this thread.

When playing a video/audio file that has been previously viewed, an option to resume at the last position would be presented to the user

Azman mentioned this for video files, for some reason you have to exit MP after getting 1/2 way through a movie, then when you get a chance to watch the rest of the film you have to try to find where you left off.

This feature would prompt the user "Playback of this media was previously terminated at 01:00:23, would you like to resume? [YES|NO]".

This is also useful for those hour long mp3s or CD's (Tubular Bells?) that you end up getting to know the first 5 minutes of really well.

The feature could be turned on/off independantly for MyMusic and MyVideo and could have a clear button to clear all the records of previously 1/2 watched/listened media files.



I agree with this one. There are many times I wish I could do this. Well-written request and well thought-out.


I second that request....i also have a similar one for the My Pictures (that I put in another post) ...

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