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October 24, 2008
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I used SAF with PDVD 10 successfully in XP & MP 1.2.3 for a while, to watch h.264 content from BBC/ITV1 HD. etc.

I have now installed WIN8 on a new partition on same PC, and I am trying to get the codecs configured with SAF6, i.e PDVD12 / LAV. I have tried many combinations of codecs, but on HD content the video is not smooth, as it still is if I boot into XP.

Hardware acceleration is turned on for PDVD. My Graphics card is Nvidia 6700 XL on a MEDION 8800 (still going well!)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance....


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  • June 10, 2008
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    Your hardware is pretty old (graphics card 2004 / cpu 2007), it might be that it is not good enough for Win8

    Press shift+1, screenshot it.

    Check cpu usage during playback under XP vs Win8

    Ensure renderer = EVR for W8

    Do your GPU drivers for Win8 support dxva?
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