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i have a big problem and know i want know, how this problem can be solved.

we will use MediaPortal in the future as a presentation plattform.

This plattform should be able to perform following functions:

  • start diashows
    start movies
    start Programms (especially Internet Explorer) (Plugin My Programms)
    start Powerpoint Slideshows (Plugin My Slideshows)

This 4 functions are all available at the moment in MediaPortal, but we need a interactive change between this 4 requirements, that means:

  • start at 09:00 AM a Slideshow
    after finishing the Slideshow start a Movie
    afters finishing the Movie start a Diashow
    at 01:00 PM start the Internet Explorer.

this is only an example, the order isn't interessting, only the functions we need.

now i want know, what functions are already implemented and can be used, what have to be coded by my self.

is it possible/functional to make all this as a plugin or is it better to make a standalone programm which uses MediaPortal APIs and functions to get the actual status and such things.

I hope you understand what i mean, if not, please post, i will try to explain it again.

Very much thanks,

Kind Regards,



fine, i look what the program is able to do, but what are you thinking of this program can do?

Control MP from "outside" with the routines/methods of MP (which library is therefor necessary?) or how should i realize the wanted features?

perhaps in controlling this programs with its "own" software, that means the movies with MediaPlayer, the Pictures with a program like XNView and the Slideshows with Powerpoint?

Kind Regards & thx, BoLzI

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