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March 5, 2014
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I have a new install of Windows 8 with MP 1.6 and the schedules direct plugin. I signed up for SD and I'm in the trial period currently. I am using an HD-PVR. I have DISH network setup as guide needed on SD's website.

I enabled the schedules direct add-in and selected to add new channels. I selected to download data on next TV service restart.

It seems like now matter what I do, no guide data is downloaded and no channels are created/added. I have restarted the service using the Windows control, through the TV setup program, and by restarting entire computer. I've given it 40 minutes before to try and download as well.

What am I doing wrong? I tried to search the forums but it seems like my problem is happening earlier in the flow of things than most of the posts on here.

I tried looking for a logs folder int he TV server folder as stated in one post but I didn't see one at all.

Thanks in advance.


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    Hello and welcome :)

    Please ensure the log level is set to debug:

    Then restart the TV service any way you like. Windows control, TV Server configuration, command line... whatever.

    Wait 30 seconds to give the SD plugin time to do its thing... then finally, please post the log files.
    1. Open TV Server configuration.
    2. Click "open log directory" in the top left corner.
    3. Zip up the files you find there and post the zip file here.



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    Hello and Welcome,
    Just to be on the safe side (seen it before), have you created an account on the SD web site and picked you provider?
    Then in the SD plugin, have you entered in your user name and password to access the SD web account?


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    March 5, 2014
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    Thank you both for you help. I noticed that I had misspelled my username on the plugin configuration page. One of the drawbacks of windows when viewed from a distance. Then things still weren't working but I restarted the computer and let it sit for an hour and somewhere in there it downloaded and added all the channels.

    I appreciate the help as I'm sure to have more questions during the journey

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