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April 26, 2006
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OK I am not really a newcomer, just absent for too long, so almost same thing.

Here is the issue (which I am sure has been asked many times before - I did some search - but got more confused)...

I have a bunch of movies, that are NOT arranged in any particular way I like right now and some miss metadata (like subtitles, nfo etc.). They are thrown in various folders, others separate per movie, others just in pool with other movies. Also there are a few ISO/NRG images (that would be nice if I could auto-mount).

So I need something to clean this up (with my manual assistance). I need it to be able to complete my metadata (I realize this is called "scraping") AND rename AND move accordingly.

Now that last part (move), is what was harder to find. Some tools like filebot or therenamer, were confusing.
I can do that part manually if someone can tell me the best way to do it. I plan to use very few folders (for example separate movie series, or 3D movies, or kid movies, but pretty much everything else would be in a pool), but I don't know if it's better to have its movies in a separate folder on its own or not.

My plan is to first clean up metadata + do renames, then move things around (if I have to do that manually).

I have heard that MP own plugin MovingPictures can do many of these things.
I have also tried Ember (which seems to be non-updated the last 3 years, but looks nice and clean) and Media Companion (which development seems very active, but looks very XBMC oriented... I am actually re-looking to XBMC exactly for this reason).
Should I stick to any of these? Try something else? What?

So... can someone that has gone through this torture before, help me?


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    Why do you need renaming? Filename is not showing in i.e. MovingPictures.
    In Movpics you can choose match manually (even in gui now) if scraper didin't find anything for you filename


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    Hi NLS

    Feel for you, managing content you already have but isn't 'sorted' is a real pain.

    Assuming the file name convention is a good match to the movie, MovingPictures will do a fine job of creating the meta data, into it's own DB.

    My collection is ordered as follows.

    Top_Level [example Adventure] -- Series [example Die Hard]
    -- Series [example Jason Bourne]
    -- All other adventure files.

    I have 6 top levels, Adventure, Comedy, Classics, Drama, SciFi & Horror, with small numbers of series within top level [most are in SciFi].

    So, you could look at something similar and shuffle content accordingly.

    Then, let movingpictures catalogue the content - then you can get clever and use GUI Setting to set categories of movies by name/path/etc/etc - see, as this may help in understanding - I know your trying to create boxed sets, but lots of useful in that thread from RoChess and others.

    Cheers - JCMP


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    April 26, 2006
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    Edalex I want these cleaned because I don't plan seeing those folders only through MP. Actually they are not even on my MP machine, they are on my server.
    Right now some have cr*ppy filenames and definitely no folder follows the same convention as the next (what happens over the years of no single clean-up method). It sucks.

    Jim, let me make this clear.
    If we reach end level, all movies are there together with their metadata files and not in separate per-movie folders?

    I see you both suggest using MovPic plugin and not something external. right?
    Do I need the IMDB+ plugin too?


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  • June 10, 2008
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    I have 12TB of media I suggest the following

    Tv series
    /tv series/%series%/season #/%series% - S##E## - %title%.ext

    /movies/%title% (%year%)/original_filename.ext

    Movies (3D/DIRECTORS CUT)
    /movies/%title% (%year%) [Directors Cut]/original_filename.ext

    Movies (ISO)
    /movies/%title% (%year%)/VIDEO_TS/

    Moving pictures can be set to identify by year and will automount with the above format.

    My favorite programs to rename are FileBot + TheRenamer + Windows Explorer with quick fingers and f2, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, home, end, ctrl+left, ctrl+right. Generally for series I use an automatic program, and for movies I do it manually.

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