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Media portal is great and I am using it since the begining. I would have a request for a screen saver that would take over when I hit the pause button. Is that something that exist already and if yes could you point it to me ?

Thank you for the great job


On top of that...

Could there be an option for Media Portal to override the Windows settings for the screen saver and power management and use its own settings? (The power management may be in there and just haven't found it yet) I had to get up several times to keep moving my mouse becase the TV would suddenly blank last night when I was testing a DVD in MP. Thanks!


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January 9, 2005
I've seen some software disable the screensaver while they are running.
Why couldn't MP do this while you are playing a movie or watching TV full screen? Whenever graphics are at a fixed location the screen saver should be enabled so that there's no burn in. Maybe have a couple settings in the setup to select the behavior.


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May 19, 2005
Sydney, Straya.
Every 10 mins or so my screen in Media Portal goes blank - whether I'm playing music, DVD or watching video.

I've set screensaver to None in display settings of XP, also I've set Power Options in control panel all to Never.... yet it still seems to be acting like a screen saver is kicking in. I don't have this problem in any other application (so, it's not my monitor or it appears, my XP settings).

It displays fine again if I touch the remote or waggle the mouse.

Anyone else seen this, and knows the answer?!

thanks, doug.

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