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I was running through all the windows htpc options over the weekend. I only managed to luck onto media portal when I was searching sourceforge for any radio tuner applications.

I wasn't even aware of this project until now, and i had done quiet a few searchs on google.

There are a couple of other things you could do to get your site ranking better in serps.

1. Currently the javascript drop down menu is not search engine friendly, you need old school <a href links to all your content so search engines can spider it properly.

2. You also need some meta keywords in the header, something like "media portal, htpc, etc.. check the line from snapstream <meta name="keywords" content="PVR, HTPC, DVR, Personal Video Recorder, Digital Video Recorder, Remote Control, Firefly, Beyond TV, Beyond Media">
or some of the other competition...

and like I have seen mentioned in this forum - get as may other sites linking to your site..

Anyway - great software - I just have to get my tv card drivers sorted :(


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    google does not use <meta> tags
    instead it looks @
    - the page <title>
    - the first sentences of your page.
    - anything in bold or <h1>
    -how many other pages link to your website


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