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January 20, 2006
I know that there was tons of requests to support FullScreen on second display but most of them dates back to 2004.

Now, i have tested, that if i use File->Device menu to switch to fullscreen on second device (which represents second creen), all is working fine, but there is few problems,

first, no place to set default device to start on and default mode (yes i can set default start in fullscreen, but not on any other than primary device)

second, home screen (and only home screen) is wrongly sized (is smaller than screen in left upper corner with black border arround), all other screens, like music, dvd, television is ok, even fullscreen TV

i am running latest CVS, abd have NVidia GF 6600 Card

Please, can you add default settings for device, on which MP starts?
Or is there still that strange limitations, that second screen is not accelerated, which seems not to be truth nowadays.

Thanks a lot
MP is great Software, and all problems i ever had, was always solved
Great software with great support, definitely better than MCE.

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