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Discussion in 'Video-Cards' started by Ventry, January 2, 2014.

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    I have a Panasonic 55" plasma connected via hdmi-dvi and a BenQ W1070 connected via hdmi.
    The displays are recognized by windows and are mirrored.
    Whichever display is connected as secondary monitor (windows automatically treats hdmi as primary and dvi as secondary in mirrored mode) there is screen tearing when playing movies/videos.
    Particularly when there is "panning".
    Is there a way to fix this?
    Would a hdmi splitter work?
    How would Windows handle the splitter?
    My system specs are under my forum name on the left.


    I went ahead and purchased a HDMI Splitter and this has fixed the problem. (Windows sees only one monitor)
    From the research I have done i would seem this is a Windows issue. Windows is reporting the secondary monitor as having changed the refresh rate but, it is not actually happening.
    There is a "suggestion" that this has been fixed in Win8 however I could not find confirmation.

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    The refresh rate change is apparently a known problem, I encountered it myself on my 50" Panasonic, connected as third monitor. Only on live TV though, video file playback worked well.
    Disabling the Dynamic Refresh Rate Control fixed this issue for me. I'm directly connected via HDMI on a Radeon 7870

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