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February 16, 2011
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Hello All from Czech republic.
I need to sell followings parts:

1. Digital Devices Cine S2 (Rev5.5) - 1x DVBS2 Dualtuner

Card for PCI Express Socket in Ultra-Low Profile format. The three expansion slots can be used for CI modules for up to three CI expansions, or expand the Cine S2 with up to three expansion modules DuoFlex and so equip the card up to a 8-tuner card. Mixed operation of the expansion connectors (DuoFlex / CI) is also possible.

DVB-S2 high definition satellite receiver for DVB-S2 channels
Recording in H.264 format, DiSEqC 2.0 support.
DVB-S satellite receiver for digital TV recording in MPEG-2 format

see to: here

Cine S2 web 20.png

2. Digital Devices DuoFlex S2 - 1x DVBS2 Dualtuner

Dual DVB-S2 HDTV expansion card for Digital Devices Cine S2, PCIe (mini) Bridge und Octopus.

CAUTION: The card does not function separately, as it has PCIe interface.
This optional card can eg. To expand the existing card Digital Devices Cine S2 (V5.5) or DuoFlex PCIe two DVB-S2 tuners. Suitable for a desktop. Recording HD broadcasts in H.264 format support DiSEqC 2.0, SD broadcast recording in MPEG-2 support for Windows 7 Mediacenter, drivers for Linux on the manufacturer's website to download.

see to: here

3. Digital Devices Octopus Single CI - 1x

CI module for direct connection to a Cine S2 from Rev. V5.5, Cine CT or DuoFlex PCIe / Octopus TV cards. CI module for installation of CAM modules with MTD technology. Includes ribbon cable
MTD = Multi Transponder Decrypting is a new technology that allows up to 4 TV channels to decode / tuner only a CAM (CAM manufacturer dependent). You need Cine TV cards only a CI interface for 1 or 2.

NOTE: CAM module not included


• CI interface with connection cable (20 cm)
(Connection to Cine S2 from version V5.5, Cine CT or DuoFlex mini PCI or PCIe, Octopus)
• with low-profile and full-profile bracket
• additional power supply needed (floppy power connector)
• Windows 7 Media Center compatible

see to here


My price includes shipping 230 €

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