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April 23, 2004
Padova, Italy
I ordered a PVR150 (non MCE with its remote), but since the vendor is taking too long to send it to me, I was wondering if, being the MP development so fast, would be better to buy a DVB-T board instead. So the questions, beeing a DVB-T newbie are:

-which one has MPEG HW encode?
-is there any board with a CI interface since in Italy will begin a service with prepaid card in order to look football matches and movies?
-anyone using remotes of these boards, or should I buy a MCE remote?
-last but not least, which one works best with MP at the moment?

I checked the Nova-T but it semms lacking both features.



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July 13, 2004
Twinhan got some new DVB-T card with CI, I have not tried it myself.
I dont think you need some HW encoder since the DVB-T is already "encoded" as mpeg2.... There is no need for the card to encode anything since the stream already is...


Nova-T has the hardware mpeg2 encoder but nothing about a CI interface whatever that is?

Do not mix things.

If limited to hardware solution:
Cards designed to receive digital data only need a decoder.
The encoder is only needed if the card has to encode analog to digital.

The PVR can not receive a DVB-T signal so iif you want to switch to DVB-T
in the very near future, then swap the card.


Hauppauge uses wrong terms on their website. Sure, a digital card is
able to receive a digital stream but decoding that digital stream
is still done with software on the Nova-T
A minor side-effect of hardware decoders is sometimes that ..if you want
to use this hardware decoder, then you can only use the TV-out of that card and not the video card anymore. Unless the digital card has been modded to give out the data stream.
The intention these days is to use a software decoder but encoding is still the work of a hardware controller.

Nova-T has no CI slot connector so you can not maount any cam module to the card.

conclusion : de not mix encoding with decoding.

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