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SiliconDust HDHomerun DVR

Discussion in 'Other HTPC Applications' started by RBRB, September 5, 2015.

  1. RBRB

    RBRB New Member

    August 25, 2015
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    Has anyone joined the kickstarter for this product? It appears to be releasing in October.. I just ran across it a couple days ago... it must be pretty new, as none of the popular websites have articles about it that I found - I've been searching around since May for a WMC alternative on Win10, and this option never popped up.


    Heres a blurb:

    So how does HDHomeRun DVR work?
    You need a HDHomeRun TV tuner, something with the disk space for recordings, and something with a screen to watch on.
    Classic media PC (or Mac) approach – the HDHomeRun provides the TV stream and your media PC provides the storage and screen. Unlike Windows Media Center, the same media PC is also a server for the other clients on your network.
    Or you can do away with the always-on PC – use a NAS box instead. The HDHomeRun tuner plus NAS box handles all your recordings… watch from your laptop, your Android tablet, your Android TV box. Use your iPad and/or your Kodi or Plex media player.
    Want more recording hours? Upgrade or add another NAS box to your network. Clients see the collective-set of recordings from all devices. When upgrading you can simply copy your recordings to your new box.

    I guess its possible to timeshift, pause live tv, etc with this solution in the same manner MP does - opening a live show in a client would start the stream transport to your NAS.. and the client would actually read from the NAS instead of the HDHomerun device...

    Comskip would also work on this - either kicked off when new files appear or on a timer.. but that would require a PC running somewhere.

    Looks interesting! Especially if they include EPG. Looks like it will run at least $60 US I think.. although I kind of like MP myself. But I'll give it a trial probably - SiliconDust makes great products, so I would hope their software products are as good as their tuners.[DOUBLEPOST=1441488857][/DOUBLEPOST]Wow, thats dead simple... limited? perhaps... but this may be a good answer for the parents.. and its been around for a while.. found this post in youtube in may:

    Not sure how I never saw a result for this in my searching for dvr software, but I bet google is "personalizing" my search results based on history again.. (I hate that!)
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  3. Jeffrios

    Jeffrios Portal Member

    July 29, 2015
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    If they make it, they need to have something like power scheduler. I don't want to have a PC Always-On. Waste of Electricity.

    In the video they mentioned other options, so using an HTPC might not be the best option.

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