silverstone lc10+st30nf 0db PSU+nt01 0db CPU cooler any one? (1 Viewer)


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January 24, 2005
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I cant get any info on web for my project ~12db HTPC
Can I use silverstone technology fanless PSU+CPU in my LC10 case?
My mCube will arrive tomorrow so I can controle my papst 12db fans in the case. With my Northwod 2,4ghz/533 and my 9600xt ultimate 0db gfx and a 2048mb USB stick(my os drive :D ) I guess it sounds like a dream but It might burn up. Anyone have a clue if it's possible?



stormer said:
Did'nt work. It burned! :cry:

Any one knows a good cpu-cooler with very low noise?


I can recommend the arcti-cooling series. Get one of those Temperature Control (TC) ones, they are nearly un-hearable.



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  • December 7, 2004
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    Swiftech or Thermalright heatsink and a lowspeed 92mm fan. Excellent cooling and no noise (depending on your choice of fan, SilentX recommended).


    I have the same case and use the silverstone fanless cpu cooler on 2.8 p4
    ...cpu sits at about 39degrees idle and up to about 47 under seems to work fine..I find the case fans to be the noisiest part..I may replace them.
    The cooler fins sit against the internal power supply fan so there is some airflow through them.....and if extra airflow is neccessary you can bolt on 2 x 60 cm fans if you can find quiet ones.


    I also have the LC10. I have a P4 Prescott, which is a VERY hot CPU and had problems trying to keep it cool. I tried several coolers, but the did not do the job.

    I originally wanted the Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu, but did not think it would fit. I decided to try the Zalman anyway, as I thought I could always cut a few of the fins off.

    The Cooler arrived yesterday. Much to my suprise, it fit in my case perfectly, with no modifications. The temperature drop is about 12 degrees celsius, and very quiet!

    Good luck!

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