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November 14, 2004
My situation is as follows: I want to use iTunes for music and Firefox for the web. iTunes because I have bought music there, Firefox because it's the best browser :)

That means I need to have the facility to simply start a program out of MP. I know that I can do this with the myPrograms-Plugin, but it's kind of overpowered.... I would like to have a simple option "start program" in the myPrograms-Plugin, without being forced to define files for it.
In MP I would like to have one menu entry per program under "myPrograms". So I can start iTunes, Firefox stuff like that with one click.


Yep, the ability to add user-defined menu items. Mini-plugins. Have an add button to the plugins page, and you define the name, path, etc.

I don't imagine something like this would be too difficult to add to MP, but its more a question of if the developers would be interested in this approach. Generally, there is quite a tight control on the menu.

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