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March 12, 2005

First of all I would like to thank everyone who creates or help on MP, GOOD WORK,

We all wants MP to be the best, because MP is the most program I use, it is on my living room, and all my family start the day with running it.

Just wonder there is small things that would make MP, and I think it is not hard to make them..

1- Volume OSD, Why not put a volume OSD, when I low volume or increase it, also for Mute OSD.
2- Record OSD, Sometime I forget that I record this show, Why not the record sign appear on the TV and keep blink, like other programs do.
3- The Shortcut for Record (Keyboard Button R), It really starts the record but press it again do not stop it, also the stop button do not stop the record, so the only way to stop the record is back to My TV Screen and navigate to stop record button.

Also This bug I run MP then run My TV, watch TV, then Open My Video and Run a Movie, when I do that the Movie Flicking , so I go back and run the Movie again, and it works good.. I think when the user run movie and TV is working you should shut the TV then run the Movie..


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April 23, 2004
Padova, Italy
I mapped the vol + and - of my Onkyo amplifier on the MCE 2005 remote vol buttons. It works perfectly.
I also mapped the MCE Remote TV button to power on off the tv itself.


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February 28, 2005
Regarding your point about Recording. I agree, for me I would like VCR-like control. In fullsreen TV, press record to start recording (with no time limit), icon appears. Stop stops recording, then using Play, Pause, Stop, FF, RW, etc., it should be possible to view the last recording without having to navigate through Recorded TV.
Regards, pcr.

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