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  • December 17, 2010
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    Lately I've done some mockups of the MP2 skin I want to use finally. It's a fanart skin with lots of free space to have a good look at the fanarts in background. The home or info screen should somehow look like:

    On the left there are lots of local infos like most recent (scheduled) recordings, available recording space and power status of other PC in LAN. On Top there is a headline about the actual screen and Date/Time. On the right there are lots of online infos like weather, eMail, Twitter, Facebook,.... On bottom there is a statusbar. In home this is showing RSS feeds, on other screens it's showing infos about the selected item. The left and right Info- sections should be freely configurable by the user (e.G. don't use Facebook but G+, so remove Facebook and add G+ instead.)

    The menu resides above the statusbar and the focussed item is highlighted by changing text colour from white to MP2 orange. Also the backdrop changes with selected menu items. All text excerpt the statusbar are white with black border so it's readble on every background... So no need for dark gfx below text like e.G. in Titanium. This hides too much from fanart so that's why text only...



    I know lots of features are not jet available on MP2 but time will bring, I'm sure.
    When I find the time I do some more mockups for Movies, Music, Series to show how I would like this to be.
    Then I have to learn XAML to make this "Vision" become true. But up to now not a single line of code is written.


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  • December 17, 2010
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    It's not forgotten. And more than that, with the many C# code and skin engine changes needed and done for the WMC Skin this vision really may become reality in future. I've talked with our designers and it looks as if this skin can make use of the same menu models than the WIP "MediaCenter Lookalike" Skin. Once this skin is ready I will start planing to transfer the xaml code to something similar like this mockup. Some plugins still are missing (nearly all the little "helper plugins" excerpt for the news) but this can be changed by some devs in little time. The main menu will be much more comfortable than the one in the mockup, that's a benefit of the ongoing development. 3 Years ago as I made this mockup such a menu was way beyond all possibilities but today it easily is possible...

    But at first I will finish the overwork of the new MP2 Wiki as no one else has the time to do this....

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