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    The last version (V2.1.0) of ShortCut'er plugin integrates Skin Navigator feauture.

    Skin Navigator allows to create a dialog box with custom links, according to the active MediaPortal window.
    The dialog box is activated by a specific shortcut, that you can add to list in ShortCut'er

    The system allows you to navigate on the windows most used, simply through the dialog box (ie without need changes to the skin).

    This is because, at present, when you want to switch from one window to another, you have these options:
    • use a dedicated key on the remote control, mapped using eg. shortcuter, but the remote control buttons are limited in number and, after mapping the various actions required (play, stop, etc.) there remain very few for this functions
    • have a link on the current window, made available by the skinner (but usually covers a feature linked to the current page, nothing more)
    • return to the BasicHome and select the destination from here, but usually this is a window from loading slow, full of fanart and animations
    The use of a simple standard dialog box allow greater speed and the ability to select multiple pages, such as a menu..

    Once added to the list a link to dialog box, you simply configure Skin Navigator through the specific page:

    You can start from the preset configuration: press Load Default Configuration button.

    The Skin Navigator configuration is divided into two parts:

    General properties:

    Header title
    : title for SkinNavigator dialog window

    Show separator
    : is shown a separator between the various navigation groups. If you are in list-view mode, separator corresponds to a blank line, otherwise (thumb-panel) force a new line:

    Show numbers: shows the little numbers near destinations in the menu, so as to allow direct access:

    Remove duplicates
    : remove double destinations (possible if are present in more groups)

    Window dialog type: there are three possible types of dialog box:
    • Default: is the standard dialog window, not need any change to the skin
    • Custom List: is a slightly customized list view, with a big icon for the selected destination
    • Custom Panel: is a thumbnail panel mode
    Navigation groups:

    (description not visible).
    List of windows for conditional visibility, if this list is empty, then the group will always visible.
    List of destinations.

    For each destination can be set:

    : text displayed in the menu

    Force destination
    : the destination is forced even if window ID already corresponds to the active MP window (reccomended il LoadParameter is not null)

    Load Parameter
    : any parameter for load window (see destination plugin's documentation)

    : icon displayed in the menu (only for Custom List/Custom Panel)

    Skinner Documentation:
    Custom List & Custom Panel dialog window are represented by the skin file:

    ShortCuter.Navigator.DialogMenu.xml ID=2821976

    The standard icons are available in [skin folder]\Media\ShortCuter\.

    Important: the default control should be set to zero, because it's managed by plugin code:
    The properties available trough the plugin are:
    • #ShortCuter.Navigator.SelectedIcon --> (string) selected item icon
    • #ShortCuter.Navigator.DialogView --> (string) dialog window type view, the possible values are: "Panel" or "List"
    The controls managed are the same as the standard dialog box (DialogMenu.xml):
    ID=2 type=button --> Exit Button
    ID=3 type=listcontrol --> Destinations list (List view)
    ID=4 type=label --> Heading text
    ID=5 type=label --> Plugin name

    with , in addition:
    ID=6 type=thumbnailpanel --> Destinations icons (Panel view)
    ID=10 type=image --> Skin Navigator logo

    Titan skin, custom list view

    Titan skin, custom panel view

    Xtreme skin, custom list view

    Xtreme skin, custom panel view

    Black Glass Nova HD skin, custom list view

    DefaultWide skin, default dialog view
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