Skinning guide: how to port a skin to MP2, or how "Titan" gets transformed (1 Viewer)

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    Yesterday I tried current snapshot on my HTPC. It works nice ;) But once you see it on bigger screen and from bigger distance, you find things like too small OSD text sizes. Compared to the original Titan ones they were much to small.

    Another part is the progress bar, which was quite "flat" before, not so smooth as original.

    Last but not least there was no current time shown in OSD (see

    All things are addressed in those changes: Only minor xaml tuning here.

    Video-OSD with(out) mouse controls
    77_osd_video.jpg 78_osd_video_mouse.jpg

    TV-OSD with(out) mouse control, showing default, current program details and next program details.
    79_osd_tv.jpg 80_osd_tv_mouse.jpg 81_osd_tv_current_detail.jpg 82_osd_tv_next_detail.jpg
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