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Paul Shirley

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November 3, 2008
1st: seems to work in Win8 Pro 64 on my Phenom II box, though I'm still fighting the driver issues (7010ix users need to find the Black Gold 3540 or later drivers, the shipped ones don't work with 4Gb RAM and current BGT3540 drivers crash Win8).

2nd: you may remember I have serious problems with slow schedule settings because I have ludicrous numbers set.

Finally pinned it down to the TVserver tv.log. Under Win8 64 I hit 9minutes to set a timer, after blocking logging (set tv.log read only) that dropped to 5seconds. Under XP SP3 32bit it was doing better at 15-30sec just yesterday. Logging is seriously slow on the new OS.

Can we please have a way to disable the new schedule conflict resolution logging for those of us with heavily loaded systems. I'm getting 1.9Mb of log for each new recording even if wasn't causing a huge stall! Locking the log file doesn't seem like a good solution.
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