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August 10, 2004
Berlin, Germany
I don't know if possible but what would be really cool is a "smart" osd.
Let me explain an example.
In FS TV OSD I have options like Online Contacts and Messenger but I do not even have installed a messenger neither have I enabled the MSN plugin.
So would it be possible to build the osd according to what you have defined in your configuration?
Examples would be:
MSN messenger not enabled - don't show messenger options
only 1 tv card - don't show cards options
only 1 group - don't show groups options

Hope this is doable b/c now I have a lot of options I do not need. Makes the osd crowded.



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February 15, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
I agree that it would be useful, since I also have no need for Groups or MSN, etc.

However, I have seen how the "Skins" are built and basically, the buttons & menus (every screen element) are all "hard-coded".
I think dynamic menus (based on configuration) would require a re-write of the way skins are implemented.

For now, I have modified the skins manually to remove options that are not relevant for me. It would also require me to "re-do" the modifications if ever the original skins change (eg to fix bugs).


Yes, this woud be nice but I suspect tha tit would be a significant mod. I've done the same thing as 'vbap' to remove Teletext for example.

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