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    What is Smart View?

    Smart View a combination of non-linear stretch and zoom.
    Smart view combines 3 things
    1. A configurable amount of non-linear stretch
    2. A configurable amount of zoom (cropping)
    3. A set of conditions that are user configurable to decide when to stretch+zoom or do nothing
    Smart View 15+15 would be max 15% non linear stretch + max 15% zoom.

    Lets see Smart View with a 2.35:1 film compared to the existing view modes

    So how does smart view compared to the default view modes?

    Non-linear Stretch
    You will notice that default non-linear stretch view made the movie look very stretched. We had to stretch by 32% to remove the black bars. In smart view (15+15) we stretched by 15% and were able to completely removed the black bars. Here is a side by side comparison.

    To remove the black bars with the default zoom view we lost 32% of the picture's width (16% from each side). We lost a lot less using Smart View (Blue lines vs Red lines)


    How do we enable smart view in MediaPortal?

    You can enable the view mode in mediaportal configuration

    If we have MP configuration on 'expert mode' we can see additional options for smart view

    Want to know more?

    View the wikipedia concept idea
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