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  • May 13, 2004
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    When I am only using the arrows and Enter key to navigate through my music I often have the desire to navigate faster up and down the list. For example moving from Abba to ZZ-Top takes a while.

    A solution could be to use SMS style navigating through a list. For example you are on artist ZZ-Top and press the 2 key (abc) the focus will then move to the first Artist that starts with an A press again and focus oves to first artist with a B etc.. pressing 2 keeps cycling through artists starting with a,b,c. To move to Z again I would only have to press 9 (wxyz) four times instead of arrow down 100+ times.

    I did a quick test and it seems to be feasible. If more people are interested I will start implementing this myself after my holidays.


    Sounds like a good idea, and a good solution too! The hauppage remote even have the letters on the numeric buttons!!


    did this go anyhwere? I was thinking about the sms style keyboarding for entering text for searches and whatnot instead of the virtual keyboard, on a remote it would be a LOT faster.

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