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March 19, 2013
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Started on: 2013-03-19
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There should be some more screensaver options.

I like to blank the screen on my plasma when mediaportal plays music etc. However, it would be nice to display a certain installed screensaver, or if blanking, would it be possible to turn of the signal ? The TV stills runs at full throttle. Maybe even a script is assignable to be able to switch off/on the TV...?


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  • September 24, 2011
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    Some more Screensaver options would be awesome. I dont like to blank the screen completly while listening to music or something.


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    Need a 3rd party plugin that detects idle time + video not playing (audio is ok) then displays fullscreen pictures from MP Database as a fancy montage/slideshow just like the Win7 pictures screensaver feature. Would have option to have a little now playing overlay at the bottom (similar to the now playing fanart screen) if audio is currently playing when the 'screensaver' goes active. Also has the option to invoke onebuttonrandommusic plugin if no audio is playing at the time the 'screensaver' goes active
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    Microsoft haven't really changed the way screensavers are handled since Windows 95. Android and iOS games surpassed the level of graphics Windows uses in its screensavers a long time ago. Sure, there are options out there to convert video to .scr files, but I've yet to find one that doesn't compress the hell out of it and make it unwatchable.

    What would be great is an option in MediaPortal that allows a user to select a ts/mkv/whatever file and use that as a screensaver (with an option to either enable or disable audio). There are plenty of great looking HD loops that Blu-Rays use in their menus (that are easily extractable in their default m2ts format) that would look gorgeous in their native 1080p. Maybe even take that further and have an option to play files at random from a predefined folder.

    Something like this wouldn't take a lot of work given that the groundwork to play video is already there.

    For an example of the Blu-Ray menus I'm talking about, the one from Star Trek instantly springs to mind:

    It's on the BD as an .m2ts file (without the 'Play', 'Set Up' etc overlay). Obviously it looks a lot better in uncompressed 1080p, but the sheer number of BD's out there should have something for most peoples' taste. Studios put a lot of effort into the artwork on the disc menus, most of which are hardly seen as people want to get to the movie as fast as possible.
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    The windows screensaver is usable with Scythe42s area51 build.
    This will be Part of MePo 1.40

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