Some thoughts about the on the fly dvr-ms to mpeg conversion (1 Viewer)


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August 3, 2004
I just watched my harddrive while recording a tv show and saw that media portal creates both a dvr-ms and an mpeg file while recording.
Couldn't the same thing be achieved by "frameserving" the dvr-ms while converting it?
The benefits of using frameserving is that it would reduse fragmentation on the disk and wouldn't use as much disk space while recording. If your disk isn't fast enough you could also experience sync problems with the current conversion method.
The best solution would (of course) be to store the file being frameserved in the memory of the computer instead on the drive.
I realize that the mpeg conversion is a new feature so perhaps you have allready thought of this or something similar. This is just an idea. Hope i haven't got everything wrong...


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