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January 11, 2005
I have a few suggestions that I think would improve usability:

1. Allow all keys to be configurable. This is vital when using a remote, as you often need the same key to be assigned to 2 different things (eg on my remote, the "volume up" key for most purposes needs to be the "move right" key in the EPG).

2. When changing channels, you should type in the channel number, not the channel position in the list.

3. Need an easy key combination to move to various screens, etc. eg, I might want to create a button on my remote to move to My Movies.

4. Need an easy way to change input source. My TV Card has antenna input, analog input and digital input. My plan will be for the anntenna to connect to the antenna (duh), the VCR to connect to the analog (for the kids to watch Hi-5) and the xBox to connect to the digital. I would like to be able to assign a "channel" for the video & the xbox.


gbpvr ( does most of this now. Check that out if you get a chance. I like the look and feel of MediaPortal better.. Plus its open source so MP will only continue to improve.

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