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November 14, 2004
I just played around with the possibility to use sounds on certain keystrokes or events.

My suggestions:
- As far as I can see the WAVs have to resinde in the MP main directory. I suggest to make a subdir "sounds" or so in which the WAVs should be.

- It would be cool to have the possibility to play a "background sound" in an endless loop. This sound should be stopped if anything else with audio is activated (music, movie, TV). This is useful for example to have a StarTrek-Engine-Sound in the background, or some ocean sound or birds signing or something like that.

Please add sounds for these events:
- Popup of the PIN dialog (so MP could play a soundlike "authorization required"
- wrong PIN entered (authorization failed)
- correct PIN entered (authorization succeeded)
- Start playing a DVD or Movie

Thanks, ´

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