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I would like to see this take the route of mythTV, mce, etc in the following way: many users would like to have a central data storage repository and several clients around the house accesing the main server. Of course someone could run the client and server on the same PC...

Is there a chance or is it even possible to break up MP into a client/server app?

Thanks for a great product! Look forward to see where you guys are headed.


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    we have discussed this in several threads allready.
    We have thought about it, and it is in the todo.txt

    we are not sure yet on how to do it.


    Nice to hear that it is coming down the pipe (or at least being considered)

    The open source http://www.gbpvr.com/index.html is more of a client/server version but is being done really nice and is open source. I would really like to use media portal on a remote device like the hauppauge someday...

    These projects looks similar... Maybe a merge, and some royal kicking of Tixo's butt?!?


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    November 29, 2004
    Gbpvr is free to use, but not opesource....

    Regarding the topic of this thread; I'm all for a spilt.

    I know and understand the argumetns of MrMario, but I think that a split into more of a server client architecture will bring flexibility to MP.
    If there is a server base, it would be easier and cleaner to make frontend support from other devices, such as the Hauppauge MVP.
    In the long run I think MP will gain from this.

    -I know it would make my life easier if it was split into server/client as I'm distriburing tv to several rooms in my house. I'd love to be able to do this through MP, and have the option to watch different shows in different rooms.

    Keep up the exellent work, and maybe when it's closer to x-mas I'll be able to contribute regardig this issue.


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