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  • August 27, 2010
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    During the entire last 10+ years using MP with an Hauppauge HVR-2250 tuner, I've never had any problem at all recording any 2 clear QAM channels simultaneously -- until last July.
    Last July, my cable company decided to 'reorganize' their channels. This included, for the first time, placing two HD channels in the same frequency band at 121.262 Mhz with different sub-channel numbers. Call these 9.1 (720p) and 13.1 (1080i)
    After that I have not been able to record 9.1 or 13.1 simultaneously with other channels - sometimes.

    I can still record either one separately , and any other two channels simultaneously without problems.

    The most troublesome example is 13.1 with 4.1 at 181.250 Mhz.
    The 13.1 recording done this way often, but not always, has so many video errors (pixels, dropouts, skips, loss of audio sync) that it's completely unwatchable.
    The problems are always much worse, or maybe only, at night (after 7pm).
    Here's the recent history:
    • Fri, 7pm -- no errors
    • Sat, 9pm -- many errors, but watchable
    • Sun, 8pm -- several errors
    • Mon, 7pm -- no errors
    • Tues, 10pm -- no errors
    • Wed, 8pm -- hundreds or thousands or errors , barely watchable
    • Thur -- no errors
    • Fri -- no errors
    • Sat -- no errors
    • Sun, 8pm -- continuous horizontal streaking the entire hour, plus many audio problems
    • Mon, 9pm -- no errors
    • Tues, 9pm -- no errors
    • Wed, 8pm -- no errors

    The cable company has 'evaluated' their cable from their headend all the way to my service entrance, and insists there is no problem. They also claim that no one else has the problem, but as far as I can tell, I'm the only customer (it's small, minor company) that records clear QAM -- all others record scrambled channels using cable company DVRs. The company (unbelievably) says that do not have a DVR than can record clear QAM.
    I've checked everything in the house -- but don't have an analyzer.

    I don't know how my tuners could behave in a seemingly random manor.
    Ever see or hear of anything like this? Suggestions? Clues?

    • 13.1 has major video feed problems? (no, it's always OK alone)
    • 2 HD channels in the same band doesn't quite work right? (sometimes? At night?)
    • There is significant night time ingress interference in that frequency band?
    • Civilian aviation communications use that band, including the guard frequency at 121.5MHz.
    • Inside the pc case interference? (Only sometimes, worse at night?)
    • Intermittent ground problem? RG-6 cable is grounded at the service entrance.
    Ideas please. Thanks.

    Here's a example of the horizontal streaking, and near complete break up.

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