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June 15, 2012
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I'm considering to buy the Streacom FC9B case.

What do I already have:
Motherboard: Asus P8H77-M pro (microATX)
CPU: Intel I3-3220T
PSU: picoPSU-120-WI-25V DC/DC
HDD: Crucial M4 (SSD) + WD10JUCT (2,5")
ODD: Sony OptiArc BC-5640H (Slotin BluRay)
RAM: 8GB-Kit Kingston ValueRAM PC3-12800U CL11
IRRC: Y.A.R.D. 2 (the big one)

Now my question is, does anybody know if any hardware could interfere with each other? I know Streacom has its own psu, irrc, odd ... but when I already have the hardware, then I want to use it of course. I wrote my question already the streacom support but didn't get an answer till now.
The other question is, is the front panel separate? Perhaps I want to create my own front panel. I have a display and a touch sensitive power button (capacitiveSensor) too. I don't want to modify the original front and muck it up. I would like to have a flat front whithout a outstanding button or something else.

I hope somebody can give me a help :unsure:


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  • June 19, 2013
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    Hi badboyxx,
    I have just built a TV-Server in a Streacom FC5 EVO case using an Asus H87M-PRO which is not much different.
    I am very pleased with the Streacom cases I will upgrade my massive silverstone case with either another FC5 or an FC10.
    I don't know about the Optical drive.
    I found that the only issue was that a heatpipe was almost touching the CPU fan 4 pin connector. I was satisfied by bending the pin out of the way slightly (make sure you do not short it against an adjacent pin). If you are useing the HT4 thermal riser this wont be a problem.
    EDIT: While writing this I had a look at your board. You will probably find the power capacitor(s) will interfere with the supplied heatpipes. You will probably need that HT4 riser.
    The Pico cables are a bit short they only just fit so do not look very neat. I intend to swap them out with some custom length cables when I upgrade my HTPC in a few weeks.
    The other issue I found was fitting the CPU heatsink plates. The spring loaded screws too easily locked (partly cross threaded) this made the stick on round nuts under the mobo spin. I eventually removed the mobo complete with heatpipes loosly attached (they can slide a little) and held these nuts with pliers to tighten them.
    The heatpipes do there job well. Although I am only using it as a TV server. CPU temps hottest has been 42C (amb @ 24C).
    Enjoy your build.

    The front panel is formed up as part of the bottom panel. That is, it is folded up from the bottom. So it is not removable. It looks to me like the FC5 cases are the only ones you could replace with a custom one easily.
    I have measured the heatpipe gap between the MoBo and the pipe at 10mm. The two centre pipes are angled up so more clearance is available in that area. That extra clearance area is measured from the board edge (RAM edge) from 95 to 120mm Between the inside edges of the two outer pipes.


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