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  • April 9, 2008
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    Dear all

    First -
    1) I'm running Win7 32 Bit on all PCs (currently on 1 server and 4 Netbooks [as room clients]) - all fine.
    2) I have a few of my own plugins and they are all fine on the 32 Bit machines.

    OK, problem is that I have just (been allowed) to upgrade my dev laptop and this is running 64 Bit Win7 (downgraded from the AWFUL Win8).

    Downloaded VS Express 2012 and this generates the plugins which work fine of the 32 Bit room clients and server.

    But -

    The MP on the (64 Bit dev laptop) doesn't show the plugins even although they are correctly placed into the (x86) MP directory.

    These plugins show/work fine on the other PCs, so what is stopping MP from being able to find/list/load these on the 64 Bit laptop?

    Any idea what I'm NOT doing that makes MP reject these?

    Told you it was a stupid VS problem.....

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